Change Is Good

Thankful for the last weekend to recoup after the last two weeks. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re so busy. Two weeks ago Saturday, my friend Natalie Boisvert and I had just driven by the building. I pity Ben Moonen a little as I remember our conversation going a little bit like this: 
L: “I really love it. I’d like to lease.”
B: “Okay, well I can get some paperwork drawn up soon. Are you thinking soon? Like a month?”
L: “… Like tomorrow?!” 
B: “Oh sure... That works too.”

Ben reminds me a little bit of my husband, really calm and relaxed. I’m up at level 10 and those men are at a 2. I need the level two people in my life to take me down a notch and the level 2-ers need to be taken UP a notch. 

I napped on Sunday and it was the best 2 hours. I have renewed energy and feel put back together. I can’t even fully explain how much I have enjoyed the journey thus far--only a mere two weeks in. A lot of celebration has taken place in that short amount of time and I’m grateful. Thank you.

Something to watch for would be any schedule changes ahead. Check back often as I plan to add more classes/switch out classes as we go. I will keep what we already have, just add to it. 

More to come @ Iron Barre Yoga:
We will be mixing in kettle bells with our regular IPY. I love the additional weight training and will keep the kettle bells movements simple.
We will be adding in more classes back to back to accommodate for attendance and space!
We will be adding in Barre (SOON!) and Aerial Yoga (this will probably be a summer development).
We will be adding in a running club with Kate Leis, a certified running coach.

THANK YOU again for all of your support, 1000 times over.

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