Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me on 1/20. Yes that's right, Rayme Bernick, that is my day. I have never celebrated that day in my adult life, not even with my husband and children but revelation has pushed me to share my story. 

As an adopted adult, I have immeasurably struggled with the balance between celebration of another year and the emotional baggage that comes along with your biological parents not choosing you. When I looked down at Charlotte as a fresh newborn, the pain of even comprehending the depth of that adoption struggle was almost too much to entirely understand. 

How do you hurdle the emotional vs logical points in an ongoing internal and emotional battle? This question is not rhetorical like it would have been even just 1 year ago. 
This year I have an answer.

You surround yourself with love, laughter, support. The ones who stay have chosen you and the ones who go are those you must not have needed anyway. 

Life is such a tumultuous journey and with that come choices about which way to turn when it gets tough and what you do to make your life better. Always choose better. 
When I had our own kids I consciously and actively chose them. I choose my husband because truthfully, he chose me first and loved me when he didn't have to. I choose them every day in every way to do better and be better for them.

If you're reading this and you're in a pit...see this as my way of climbing down into it with you, showing you my own very real demons and being the most vulnerable I know how. 
Esteem every person you meet on your same level or higher. Nobody is perfect and we all have emotional baggage.

My 'happy birthday 2016 revelation' is that our baggage doesn't have to weigh us down...that there is freedom when you choose to climb out of the pit. Be there for others by climbing down into their pit, tell them your own struggles and climb out together.

Celebrate your years with your spouse and children.

Life goes on whether you're on board or not. "So you'd better get on board because the train is leaving the station" as my dad would say.

Cheers to being fully on the train.

Come and sit a spell with me...

Business, like life, is such a journey, isn’t it? It continues to be ever changing and I believe much of that is due to the factor of correct timing. My wonderfully dedicated clients and friends: we are moving to a new location!!!! (Yes! Again!!)

300 Railroad Ave. in Delano, MN in the old Love Inc. office (not the retail location) is our new home. The space we will occupy is the upper level of the adorable brick building. It has original hardwood floors, brick interior, dark ceilings, a bathroom with a nice clean shower, a small kitchenette with a sink and some counter space, a reception desk area and some offices.

Coming soon after me will be…

Are you ready?!

A prospective coffee shop just below us in the same building!! (More on that to come and it will be a few months out so... HANG TIGHT!!)

Yoga + Coffee! What could be better?

Oh, it gets better.

I will be adding on some additional help/trainers: one possibly being another personal trainer who is also a certified running coach with some pretty serious running experience (think 100 miles in the woods on foot)! I hope for her to bring or coordinate an running club as additional cross train for you all as well. She will design loops to run in the mornings maybe mixing up our 5AM schedule a little bit. I hope to bring on a few other yoga instructors as well in varying types of yoga to help offset my time there, as well as extend the offering base and bring in more clients with a love for yoga (because you know… those 3 little ones of mine have stolen my heart and strangely… want food and water and love and attention too!!)

I may bring in some occasional massage therapists and satellite chiropractors to aid in recovery and rejuvenation while also assisting you in maintaining a healthy spine and to help reset your lymphatic system, hormones, nervous system and immune system response. (I need you well to come to yoga year round!)

I will be getting certified in kettle bells shortly and will be adding that on to our regular Iron Power Yoga classes! It will be in addition to and maybe further down the road, I will do short kettle bell specific classes.

With ALL of that being said, we have a lot of amazing things to come. I am excited to have my own space and to have you all join me.

Thanks for all of your support. What a group of amazing people I have!!

"Success is more than just a good idea!...it's a great one and I will do it all in yoga pants!"

Yahoo! Amen! Namaste!
All of the above...lets do this!!