Etiquette for IN studio sessions

PLEASE do not wear strong smelling lotions or perfumes. Many have asthmatic and/or allergic reactions.

PLEASE try hard not to step on other peoples’ mats. Think of it as “personal space” and respect others’.

PLEASE wipe down all equipment that has been used. This is just good hygienic practice and allows us to keep things sanitary for others.

PLEASE remove all street shoes before entering the floor. Many do NOT wear shoes and do not enjoy rocks, sand, and dirt on their feet. If you wish to wear athletic shoes, we welcome it!… but please change into them prior to class. Many wear sandals or boots (winter) to class and change into athletic shoes for their designated class.

Thank you for helping us keep our studio great for ALL people!
Remember, we work for each other and the greater good, which means that even if its super convenient for one, it may not be for the masses. It’s important that we think of all people in a studio environment!